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Virtuemart Export of Orders and Google Shopping Feeds

Virtuemart Export of Orders and Google Shopping Feeds

I wasn't so sure that CSVImproved (mainly products) and RokReporter (frontend based) quite filled what I was trying to achieve so I've made a hack that adds the option of exporting order details from within the Virtuemart backed.

It allows for the export of all orders into a tab-delimited text file, compatible with Excel etc. (TSV) or Microsoft Excel native format

You can limit selection with options of:
  • 1. Between selected dates
  • 2. After a date
  • 3. Before a date
  • 4. All orders
Selection can be limited to the standard types of orders, i.e. only show completed, or pending.

Order header fields exported are:
Order ID, Customer Name, Invoice Address, Delivery Address, Vendor Name, Sub Total, Shipping, Tax, Total, Coupon Discount, Order Discount, Currency, Status, Date, Customer Note, IP Address

Option to show/hide orderlines in the report.
Orderline details exported are: SKU, Description, Quantity, Price (Ex), Total (Ex), Price (Inc), Total (Inc), Attributes

Once installed it can be found in the VirtueMart backend, under Orders->Export Orders
Also allows for individual orders to be exported Orders->List Orders (0.4+)

Please follow instructions in the README file, Step b. is crucial for it to work (it is simple to do!)


  • 0.2.c.zip -> Works with Joomla-VM 1.0.14!
  • export-0.3.uzigo.zip -> is ready to be UnZippedandInstalled and should be ready to use. (No Modules/functions to manually install)
  • 0.3.1 Added Customer First Name to Customer field and new Company Name Field
  • 0.3.3 Show's database id's
  • 0.4  Orders -> List Orders: Shows 'Export' column, allowing export of individual orders, exports all available data for machines to import into other applications
  • 0.4.1 Email disclaimer text removal (Creeped into product export)
  • 0.5  Option to Export in Microsoft Excel or CSV format
  • 0.5.1 Patched for VM 1.1.2, Excel export fixed, same notes as for 0.5!
  • 0.5.2 Patched for VM 1.1.2, problem with updated Joomla


Note: for simplicity and maintainability of current versions this is downloaded from the original Virtuemart message board where this hack was first released

Download is in zip format

* export-0.5.1-vm1.0.zip45.44 kB
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