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ipchaser - dynamic IP updater

Simply checks and updates your IP if and when it changes.

BETA version 0.12 for use on RedHat / CentOS with Microtech's Dynamic DNS services. and Dyn DNS services

You only need a machine with curl (yum install curl).

I have tried to make it as user friendly as possible so after download from here
then please read the README file, below.
Only supports nic's on eth0, try altering the first uncommentted line to
ifconfig eth1 > .....
ifconfig ppp0 > .....

Updated 2011-08-31: 0.12: Now supports DynDns.com. Download from here

Installation Instructions

RedHat/CentOS Setup Steps:

cmd: adduser ipchaser -s /sbin/nologin
cmd: mv /downloaded/file/location/ipchaser.tar /home/ipchaser/
cmd: cd /home/ipchaser
cmd: tar -xvf ipchaser.tar

configure will copy the ipchaser file to the /etc/cron.hourly folder and copy ipchaser.monthly to /etc/cron.monthly (ipchaser.monthly forces an update to be issued once a month, stopping the record going stale if the provider neutralises accounts that don't update)
providing the username and password will create a file so the program can update SERVICE's server, SERVICE is either MICROTECH or DYNDNS.

Non RedHat System Users:

Doing the above should get the basics of everything set up, presuming the ipchaser user home is /home/ipchaser.
If not edit then ipchaser file and change wherever you find /home/ipchaser to /where/ever!
All that is needed then is an entry in the 'at' type daemon.

Good Luck.


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